The Rustica

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The Rustica


All you need for inspired outdoor cooking.

Designed with ease of user in mind.

Based on traditional Italian pizza oven designs.

Manufactured from 21st century materials.

Easy to maintain.

Delicious cuisine and great fun at the same time.

A unique addition to your garden, patio or terrace.

Authentic Italian Pizza in seconds! 

Don’t forget, fish, meat and veggies are astonishing cooked in wood fire.  

Yes its built to last!


Restaurant quality in your own home !


“Just to let you know that the pizza oven arrived safely yesterday evening, and, it is truly magnificent and a thing of beauty. 

I will be siting it over the weekend and (weather permitting), begin the process of seasoning next week.

Really looking forward to using it. I suddenly also have a queue of friends who are drooling in anticipation. 

Many thanks for your superlative customer service. 

Best regards,


Kev (Cornwall) “




Tiles and marble threshold to be applied once oven has been seasoned/cured.


The Rustica

A traditional outdoor wood fired pizza oven. If you are looking for a wood burning oven that embodies all the qualities of an original wood oven from the home of pizza ovens Italy, look no further. Based on traditional Italian pizza oven designs but manufactured from 21st century materials. It performs like a dream and soon becomes a hub for entertaining and great food. 

Insulation ?

Yes you can insulate the Rustica. This turns it into a fully insulated oven with the benefits of long heat retention and relatively cool exterior. Naturally you can finish it to your taste making a unique statement for your  outdoor kitchen

(Thanks to Chuek Ng for the images taken during his build)

Decoration ?

Yes you can paint and or decorate the Rustica. We recommend mineral based paints which take heat well. Cornish Lime make product called Beeckosil. Kiem are another their solution is Granital. See our FAQ for links to their site. 

(Thanks to Mary McCarthy for the image taken during her install)

Insulation Instructions


✓ Cooks an authentic Italian style Pizza in 90 seconds! 
✓ Affordable 
✓ A capacity to cook for small or large parties. 
✓ No construction required ready to use. 
✓ A compliment to any garden, patio, or terrace. 
✓ Our kits have everything you need to get started. 
✓ Ready for use in minutes not hours. 
✓ Available in terracotta and light grey.  


A modular design means you can purchase only the components you require or the full package complete with stand, and tools! Everything you need to get started. Well, almost, you will need wood and a match to light the fire!


Rustica Info Pack

tabletop 5


Searingly hot..

Great fun..

Yes you can cook anything in one of our ovens. Your only limited by imagination…

Yes its hot over 400c pizza cooking temperature achieved in all of our ovens…

Yes they are enormous fun you will find excuses to fire it up, totally addictive…









The outer shell is a substantial heat absorbing cast refractory. Made in two halves dome and base making manoeuvring into place much easier than if the oven were a single component. Each component is no more than 75Kg when fully dry. 

Total dry weight 200 kg. 

The full kit has everything you need to get started. Well, almost, you will need a match to light the fire! You can purchase only the components you require just the oven itself or the full package complete with stand and tools !

The outer dome is a tough  tried and tested a unique refractory mixture which both insulates, reflects and holds heat superbly well.

The hearth has a liner of firebrick. These also absorb heat and provide a constant hot cooking hearth.

The stand is a robust flat packed timber or optional powder coated steel construction.

Delicious cuisine and great fun at the same time. Authentic Italian Pizza in 90 seconds in 400C heat! 


  • Modular construction dome and base: No component is heavier than 85kg manageable by 2 people, but easier with 3

  • Tiled leading edge on base, decorative, sheds rain and can be customised

  • Black enamelled Chimney. This is a standard 5″ chimney makes extending the flue a breeze.

  • A raised hearth of fire brick absorb and hold heat but critically also keeps ash off the cooking area.

  • Light weight aluminium door

  • Stainless Steel Coolie Hat

  • More

    When the Rustica was designed we looked to traditional designs that have of course been tried, tested and refined over hundreds of years. Armed with this knowledge we produced the PizzaForno. The fusion of modern processes (we employ techniques and materials that are utilised in the channel tunnel!) with traditional designs provides you with a solution that performs like a dream! Easy to handle light weight 85kg dome and 85kg base. (Dry Weight) A complex mixture of modern refractory materials provide a light, durable but above all efficient solution. We incorporate a steel needle into casting to reinforce the structure. A modular design means you can purchase only the components you require or a full package complete with stand, tools and wood! Everything you need to get started. Well, almost, you will need a match to light the fire! Our kit requires no construction. The stand is flat packed with easy assembly taking only a few minutes to put together. The only thing you need to do is lay two tiles on the base after it has been fired up and properly dry. At this point you can customise the look of your oven and change the tile for a design of your choosing. Of course this does not stop you using the the oven. The chimney is a standard 130mm diameter sleazily extended if needed.


A Sense of Scale

People told us that its hard to get a sense of proportion from photographs or measurements on a drawing. So we got our social media manager to pose next to an oven to give it a sense of scale, he’s an average 5’10” 😀 

  • Easy to use ergonomic design.
  • 38mm Hearth thickness.
  • Working temperature 400C
  • Total dry weight 185 kg.
  • Chimney is a standard industry component so easy to extend.
  • Lightweight.
  • Economical in use.
  • Huge Cooking Hearth
  • Fast heat up time.
  • Affordable.
  • A capacity to cook for small and large parties.
  • No construction required ready to use right out of the box.
  • Compact design.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Perfect internal heat balance.
  • The full kit has everything you need to get started.
  • Dome available in Terracotta and Grey.


What will you be cooking tomorrow?

Dough Knots u0026amp; Cheese
Dough Knots & Cheese
And Cooked to Perfection !
And Cooked to Perfection !





What’s in the full kit?

Our Rustica kit contains everything you need to make great wood fire cooked food and of course incredible pizza!

Just provide a few logs a match and ingredients fabulous food will follow.

Incidentally our peels are made with an aluminum head and a wooden handle. These we believe are easier to use and more robust than wooden pizza peels. The small oven peel is specially made for us.

The oven..

Dome and base cast refractory. Fire brick floor, Steel Chimney, Coolie hat.


Aluminum with wooden handle.


Pressure treated timber or steel.

2 Peels Small and Large..

Peels aluminum with Wooden Handles.


Infra Red hand held thermometer.

photo 2a


If you are having our stand then a firm base is needed. Grass will not support the weight it must be a solid foundation. Slabs, pavers, concrete, tarmac etc.

If you are not having our stand you will need a good strong base. A minimum of 700 by 800mm and around 1000 to 1100 high. It needs to be strong enough to support a total combined weight 200kg and be heat resistant.

The slide below shows the Rustica being assembled. (Thanks to Tom and Bob for making the time to take the photographs !)

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What else is useful?

A set of our professional cookware is very useful. They are all metal so can be fully immersed in the oven. You can cook anything with this range. A large Paella pan, and 2 handled pans comprise the set. In addition we include a large pizza cutter and dough scraper.

An splitting maul or axe is indispensable for splitting timber down to size. We don’t sell these but they are readily available. 




Hi Paul

The pizza oven was my Best Buy of 2017, real success and talking point for numerous get togethers culminating in my grandsons birthday party , 40 pizzas made with selected toppings . Brilliant .



Len in Sheffield

  • Martin

    Just wanted to tell you the pizza oven was delivered on Friday evening, great! It was assembled yesterday and has had 2 firings, up to 50c & 100c (cold before the second firing). Its covered now as we’re having heavy rain 🙁 Initial thoughts – easy assembly, great design and very attractive. (Happy man)

  • Martin 2

    Still building base structure and still a little way off finishing. But plan to have it finished by the end of the summer. Thanks for insulation tips. Party went well, cooked 20 pizza’s where I’d only cooked 1 previously the night before. Talk about cutting it fine! Oven looking super, few hairline cracks but I know that’s to be expected! Made dough last night, because tonight is pizza night before the weather changes. Away out to light this baby, love it I’ll stay in touch and send you some pics of the finished pizza area.



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