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The finest contemporary wood fired oven on the market from Rossofuoco

Wood Fired Oven

Rossofuoco Direct Fire Pizza Ovens

Rossofuoco is a company located in The Marches, in the heart of Italy. Rossofuoco is driven by love and respect for its roots and in the synergy that it has been able to create with other companies in the region to produce a top-quality product 100% Made in Italy.


"Our wood burning ovens express the desire to be with family and with friends – the pleasure to cook together and to eat at the open air. The pleasure of the conviviality taking care to the functionality and to the respect for the environment. Our ovens are created for all people who want to share the passion for cooking and for good food with the ones they loved. We believe that we always cook thinking about someone otherwise you are just making the food"

Several different models from portable to a huge sized commerical oven. Giving you ample choice to suit any setting   

Mino portable pizza oven
Benni Pizza Oven
Nonna-Luisa Pizza Oven
Log grate
Log grate
Optiona Gas Burner
Optiona Gas Burner
Pizza Fire
Pizza Fire
5 Year Warranty
5 Year Warranty

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The body of the ovens are made from stainless steel and powder coate steel. The hearths are entirely made of high quality refractory brick.

Weather resistant.

It is ideal for cooking italian pizza in atraditional way but also for bread, roasts, grilled fish, grilled vegetables, salad and sweet cakes.

Some models are avilable with GAS Burner KIT, Made in Italy, compatible with Natural Gas, LPG or Methane.

They consume small amounts of wood/gas and reaches the baking temperature in just few minutes, 450 C° (850 F°) in 40 minutes.

All models are ready to use, pre-assembled, insulated and finished. Only the chimney needs palcing to start using.

All Rossofuoco ovens are made in an artisan factory in Pergola Italy, with expert hands and high quality materials, 100% Made in Italy.

Please refer to individual models for actual specification and for fuel consumption.

Made by Rossofuoco

Rossofuoco is an Italian company, based in Pergola, Italy that has been producing ready-made wood-fired ovens for 25 years.


They are one of the respected brands in Italy and internationally selling in over 50 countries.


A 5 year warranty is standard across the range!


The Rossofuoco wood/gas fired ovens, 100% Made in Italy, are entirely produced in an state of the art factory by high-skilled workers. Using top-quality materials  and machinery that delivers highest-quality products.

The factory line
Log cabin
Pizza Base
pizza with anchovey