Subito Cotto Mini Gas Oven


Zio Ciro “Subito Cotto Mini” is ready to use, pre-assembled, fully insulated and with a weather proof finish. It is movable and can be used in small spaces. Ideal for balconies or holiday homes.

It consumes modest small amounts of gas and reaches cooking temperature in a relatively short time. Typically 20-30 minutes.

Capacity, 1 large pizza.

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A Zio Ciro Subito Cotto Mini Gas is a truly portable oven gas fired to maximise the hearth available for cooking. The dome and hearth are entirely made of high quality refractory concrete. Refractory material has thermal properties that allow the oven to retain heat for longer, thus enabling you to cook long after the gas is off.

All you need for inspired outdoor cooking.

Hearth sizes 40 cm

Easy to use ergonomic design.
Fully Insulated retains heat over time.
Cool wall technology. The oven dome remains cool in use. 500C on the inside 70C or less on the outside like a hot radiator.
Working temperature 400C
Weather Resistant.
Economical in use.
Fast heat up time.
A capacity to cook for small and large parties.
No construction required ready to use right out of the box.
Compact design.
Maintenance free.
Perfect internal heat balance.
The full kit has everything you need to get started.

Gas only. LPG. Eg Calor of GAZ, a propane version is available.
Available in White only.


Subito Cotto Mini Brochure

Weight 280 kg
Dimensions 120 × 100 × 80 cm
Subito Cotto Gas

Subito Cotto 95, Subito Cotto 80, Subito Cotto 80 Gas, Subito Cotto 95 Gas


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