Clementi Pulcinella 80 by 60 Hearth


The Pulcinella, oven and stand combined.

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This oven has the same base unit as the Family but comes with the stand.

This oven is the larger version with an 80cm width cooking area. With the stand and moving handles that fold. Also available in full stainless steel option.

80 by 60 cooking area.

It has a stainless door as standard with an optional glass fronted door.

(Please note all Clementi ovens are made to order and take approximately 3-4 weeks to deliver)

In addition with all Clementi Ovens we also supply…

  • A Wood Hook. Really useful for working timber in your oven.
  • An Oven Brush. Professional brush, brass bristles. This is essential you won’t be able to work a Clementi oven without a brush.
  • 2 Peels

These items are essential to get the best from your oven and we include them FOC.


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Pulicinella with 80 by 60 hearth

Anthracite body with Red Roof, Anthracite body with Black Roof, Anthracite body with Copper Roof, Anthracite body with Stainless Steel Roof, All Stainless Steel


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